Wireless Columns, Hoists & Equipment

Wireless Columns, Hoists & Equipment

National Automotive Equipment Services Pty Ltd (NAES) is Australia’s’ choice when it comes to sourcing all equipment purchases for your workshop. Our range has been carefully selected to supply value and productivity gains in your existing or new facility. Our collection delivers first rate equipment designed for long term dependability Australia wide. The pricing structure is carefully considered to deliver maximum return on your investment.

Hydraulic Mobile Columns

  • ML4030
    Australia’s most popular set of mobile column lifts. The cable connected, three phase powered hydraulic column has over 100 sets in the market place. 7.5 tonne capacity per post giving you a 30 tonne (45t with a set of six) lift with a set of four

  • WML4030
    Wireless Battery Electric column lifts for a true wireless lifting experience. First set sold in 2012 (and still going strong) these columns are time tested and delivering Australia’s best value wireless column lifts. 7.5 tonne capacity per post giving you a 30 tonne (45t with a set of six) lift with a set of four

  • Maxima Ramp and Jack System
    An option available to either the wireless or cabled connected mobile column lifts with a rolling jack system. This turns your column lift into an install free mobile four post ramp system

Knuckle Lift

Maxima ML JD250 25t capacity “Knuckle lift” type lifting ramp. Capable of above ground and sub floor installation. The latest in lifting ramp technology giving you that clear span access under the ramps

Mechanical Mobile Columns

  • IME
    IME-Autolift Truck and Bus mobile column lifts are tried and true mechanical lifts with modern European control technology. Available from 4-250 Tonnes for the heaviest applications
  • NAES FS 5-4
    The newest addition to our product range. Designed and constructed as an entry level lift for the workshop that does not do many lifts in their normal operation. Heavy duty construction mechanical mobile columns cable connected for reliability and simplicity in the workshop

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts from 4-96 tonne capacity lift systems with ramp lengths from cars through to loaded B-Triple using synchronisation technology. Crossbeam free work areas which is available in sub floor and above ground installations

Two Post Car Lifts

Two post lifts for cars and light commercials available in clear floor and open top design from various manufacturers

Four Post

Cars, light commercial and heavy duty four post lifts for fast service workshops who like to drive straight onto the lift and work immediately. Options include rolling jacking beams and speciality alignment hoists. From 4 to 80 tonnes capacity

Wheel Alignment

Vamag AM 2003-T-BT 8CCD Standard Bus and Truck Wheel Aligner:

  • Latest technology using solid-state accelerometric sensors for highest reliability.
  • Very low power consumption using standard battery pack for longer battery duration and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Information transmission using wireless heads.
  • Fast and accurate for very quick check and adjustment procedures to reduce service costs.
  • Instant all-in-one parameter acquisition and display with user-selectable single axle or single wheel display for precise and accurate adjustments.
  • Suitable for audit, wheel alignment adjustment, chassis check, etc. to suit repair shops of different kind (mechanical shops, tyre shops and body shops
  • Optional bars for trailer axle / chassis alignment

Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Tool


 Europe’s market leader, TEXA have achieved proven results in the Australian market. Equipment designed for our diverse range of sectors and vehicle brands including European, American and Japanese Models.

Unparalleled in its field the TEXA diagnostic tool comprehensively covers all sectors from heavy duty trucks, buses, light commercials right through to vans, cars, agricultural equipment and construction vehicles.