NAES and Jevol ahead of the NHVR Requirements

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Recent developments in the NHVR Rollout have seen many Roller Brake Testing companies struggling to meet timelines for the rollout of phase two of the National Roller Brake Testing Procedure. Phase one which was the introduction of compulsory dynamic testing with static testing during the same vehicle test. This saw some manufacturers struggling to meet this requirement by the due date. Some have now accomplished this if they have test procedures that allow for dynamic testing.

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The phase two rollout for the NHVR Roller Brake Testing Procedure is yet to have confirmed date for all non-testing station roller brake testers. Once it is confirmed suppliers will have twelve months to roll out the changes during annual calibrations.  This is due to the fact that most manufacturers need to make significant software programming and hardware alterations in order to comply with the NHVR requirements. There are changes required to not only the test itself but also the printout. These must meet the new NHVR Roller Brake Test procedure standards. There is an incorporation that needs be automatically programmed into the test software of NHVR compliant tests that integrates result decision trees to define a pass fail on all Roller Brake Tests.

These decision trees account for the fact that light laden vehicles or trailers are particularly hard to pass and can give inconsistent results. This is due to the fact that very few machines in Australia have the option of Load Simulation. The inbuilt functionality of the new program will give the operator the opportunity to retest particular axles if they are inconsistent or there is a problem with the test. The decision trees allow experienced technicians to assess the result of a particular axle test and if they are confident in the operation of the brakes they can pass the axle.


This has been a large stumbling block for many companies as it has required in some cases a completely new program. Jevol and NAES have been ready for over six months and welcome the new changes. The changes now mean more than ever that all roller brake testers are basically the same.  They all must produce results to satisfy the NHVR Roller Brake Testing procedures and give a nationally recognised printout. This is all included on all Jevol Roller Brake Testing systems in both Mobile and In-Ground configurations. For more information on anything above contact David Hyland 0409450810 or

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