Service & Parts

Service & Parts

Most managers and their companies ask a common question when they purchase vehicle hoist equipment and that is “does it comply with Australian Standards?”. What these same companies and managers fail to realise is that this is just the beginning or remaining compliant. All car, truck, bus or heavy vehicle lifts must have an annual inspection at minimum period of 12 months or they are non-compliant with the Australian Standard AS/NZ 2550.9 regardless of age or use of the equipment. Further to this a major inspection to manufacturer’s specifications is required at 10 years for all hoist equipment. NAES are here to help with this as Service agents for many major brands and the capability preforming major inspections to keep you and your company compliant with standards.

Vehicle Hoist Servicing

Certified vehicle hoist servicing for most makes and models:

  • Annual servicing of vehicle hoists to comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZ 2550.9
  • Factory trained professional technicians
  • Comprehensive industry experience
  • Service interval agreements tailored to your requirements
  • Automatically generated maintenance schedules
  • Hoist relocations, major inspections & sales
  • Hoist repairs and fault diagnosis for all major brands

10 Year MAJOR INSPECTIONS of hoist equipment

All Australian equipment is impacted by 10 year major inspection standards AS/NZ 2550.9. The hoist equipment regardless of condition or use must be given a major inspection as per manufacturers recommendations. This includes full strip down of lifting components and crack testing of all load bearing structures. NAES can perform this inspection and certify your equipment for continued use.


NAES stock a large range of parts for all major brands. This will reduce your workshop down time. NAES has exclusive parts arrangements for the following brands delivering the best prices on genuine OEM Parts:

  • IME
  • Maxima
  • Werther
  • Velyen/Istobal
  • Flying Share
  • VTEQ
  • Jevol
  • Ausquip

Brake Tester Calibrations

All Roller Brake Testers must comply with AS/NZ 4613 – 1999 and NHVR regulations that require an annual calibration for ongoing accuracy of test results and weights. This can be performed by factory trained technicians at NAES