Heavy Industry Lifting

Special Industry Lifting Projects

Agents for major Heavy Industry Lift Constructor Austrian Company IME-Autolift GMBH positions NAES as the leader in lift innovation for almost any industry. With significant experience in mining, rail and other special lifts IME-Autolift has developed an impressive list of special build clients here in Australia. NAES offer lifting solutions in fixed, mobile, above ground and subfloor installations for almost any application.NAES will consult and develop a solution to client specifications. This is done using all available lifting technology and in many cases using the latest cutting edge designs. Most lifting applications are covered with solutions that can lift and rotate, have a short or long stroke, or have extra heavy lifting capacity. Our columns feature smooth sychronisation down to as fine as +/- 3mm across very large equipment ensuring safe stable and consistent lifting.

Special Industry Lifting Equipment

NAES have developed an unrivalled reputation as the supplier of unusual or special lifts for unique purposes. In many cases being able to lift a heavy item and rotate it 360 degrees in either direction is a major advantage for repair or during the manufacturing process. This can be achieved using a fixed or mobile system. There are many special build designs for lifting heavy items like shipping containers, mobile homes or signal huts that have required special pick up points. All can be achieved and delivered through NAES. 

Mining Equipment Lifts

NAES have developed, in conjunction with the mining industry, specific heavy vehicle lifts to suit the underground mining sector. In 2014 we will see the delivery of the first ever underground 60,000kgs capacity four post lift for the maintenance of low underground mining vehicles for Glencore.

  • Tailored solutions modifying “off the shelf” lifting technologies to meet client specific outcome
  • On site consultation to identify the best lifting solution for the maintenance task
  • Synchronised Scissor Lifts, Mobile, fixed or tracked solutions using above ground and sub floor installations
  • Complies with Australian/NZ Standards
  • PLC Controlled lifting with integrated safety systems and variable synchronisation
  • Designed equipment to comply with all special mining site safety requirements